Food, Diet and Drugs – How They Are Intertwined

paleo diet, food and drugs - how they are intertwined

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Different races, cultures, traditions and types of people live and walk this Earth. This diversity has also given way for people to favor and love different kinds of foods.

Some areas are in love with spices and would never consider a meal “complete” if it is not drowned with hot and flavorful spices. These regions will not be satisfied if their nostrils are not flaring due to hot chili seasonings.

On the other hand, some countries and cultures have rice as their staple, while some have bread or pasta, and others prefer noodles. Some like it fried and dry while some areas cannot eat a meal without being served soup.

What does these differences imply when it comes to diet?

Basically, this means that since people vary in food culture, it is only but natural for people to vary in diet preferences as well. When the time comes that a person decides to enter in a specific diet, it would have to be based on what his or her body needs according to the existing food culture he or she partakes in.

However, there are also some diets that encompass almost all types of food preferences, and these are usually the diets that focus on organic and natural food items, such as the Paleo Diet.

Of course, whatever diet a person may prefer to follow, the most important thing to remember is that food is precious and important, and that it would be a great accomplishment for any person to be able to taste the different flavors of the world, in one way or another.

Food is love and it is therapeutic in its own right. Indulging in food is a way better practice than seeking drugs and other dangerous activities. If anything, love for food should not be restricted, just as long as you know how to compensate your food intake with the right daily exercise.


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