Why Being a Food Lover is Better than Being a Marijuana Lover

That escalated quickly.

Why would I even write about marijuana use in this food blog?

Well, let us all face it folks. Marijuana use is rampant in our society today, and this blog is not just an avenue for people to talk about food, share recipes and the likes, but it also wishes to tackle on issues that perhaps, food could be a big help.

I mean, why can’t people just indulge in healthy food instead of engaging in dangerous things like weed? Yes, I know that some countries approve of marijuana use and Science has time and again proven that the use of weed is actually beneficial. I am not trying to contest what Science claims, what I am trying to say is that there are better ways to cope with health issues, and that is to start with prevention of diseases through healthy eating.

If you eat healthy, you won’t need the medicinal gifts of marijuana to overcome a disease. This is all I am saying, plain and simple. I am not trying to start up a debate because it will be endless. Again, i acknowledge the benefits of this plant, but until it is fully allowed in our area, then it is still considered dangerous.

So there, I wish that people would just start loving healthy food more than they do other things. This is what I kept telling my friend, when he started engaging in marijuana use. It was not until he had to take a surprise drug test that he was alarmed by the dangerous of what he was doing.

Thankfully, we were able to come across a website that had an article with the topic “Synthetic Urine for Drug Test.” It gave tips on how to pass a urine drug test using a product called magnum synthetic urine. Basically, the technology is able to break down what is in urine when it is clean or marijuana free, and what is in it whenever a urine is filled with marijuana traces. Hence, it was able to create a fake urine that pass as real urine because its contents are similar to actual urine. This is what you will submit instead of your own urine sample, and then you will skip being read “positive” on your urine drug test.

He nervously pulled off the stunt. It was so nerve racking that he swore he will never engage in marijuana use again because he is too afraid to lose his job. He went to counseling to help him get rid of the desires to smoke pot. He also followed my advice and started eating healthier food.

I am sharing his story so that everyone would realize that there are still dangers to marijuana use. It may not be dangerous to your health, but it could be dangerous to your career.